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Dolores Harrell, President -- CHC, CPT, CN, TES
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Fit+Well Dynamics is overseen by President, Dolores Harrell. A veteran of training and human development for over 25 years, Dolores has coached thousands of people nationwide in exercise, nutrition, human, and leadership development.

As a former Director of Operations for International Air Ambulance, Dolores worked with doctors and health experts around the globe; learning a diverse variety of medical advancements and therapies. She leverages that international knowledge today in her coaching, therapies, and nutraceutical offerings.

Dolores works with private clients and facilitates corporate wellness programs. She also performs seminars and as a keynote speaker in conferences and events.

Her clients range from CEOs to stay-at-home parents -- to professional athletes and performers -- to diabetics, cancer survivors, accident trauma victims -- to school-age children.

Dolores is a nationally accredited Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist, as well as holding Advanced Specialist accreditations in: Therapeutic Exercise, Metabolic & Musculoskeletal Disorders, Fascia Training & Myofascial Therapy.


She also holds certifications in yoga instruction, pre-natal and postpartum fitness, as well as being a member of: the American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine, American Nutrition Association, U.S. Registry of Exercise Professionals, and USA Track and Field Association Coach. Additionally, Dolores is recognized as an award-winning public speaker and two-time author.


Often, trainers select basic fitness programs for you to FOLLOW will general customizations. I believe your REAL LIFE should LEAD the intrinsic design of your unique program. Before designing your workouts, I strive to learn all about you: What your week is like. The demands of work and family. What you do for fun (and what you hate). How you try to relax.

The best fitness program is the one that brings YOU success. No one else matters. And SUCCESS only comes from sticking to a regimen that you enjoy, gives you a sense of accomplishment and realistically fits your lifestyle.


Too often, people have a long history of bad relationships with food. Most have tried a number of diets -- some quite extreme --

with lasting feelings of guilt and disappointment.

FOOD IS FUEL. And just as it doesn't make sense to try driving your car without gas in the tank, you won't be any more successful depriving your body of fuel. Food is a PLEASURE we are required to fulfill several times a day -- Make the most of it! Rather than following rigid meal plans or overly restrictive diets, our custom Nutrition Prescriptions and Coaching Courses TEACH YOU how to build your favorite foods into a variety of tasty options to meet your goals and stick with you for life.


Starting any new program -- fitness, nutrition, etc. -- can feel daunting, difficult, and stressful. The most common reason people delay starting a wellness program is because they "can't deal with it all right now."

It is essential a successful program is based on PROGRESSION: Starting with changes you can make today, and practicing CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT, until you MASTER the process. Gradually, new changes are added to keep you appropriately challenged. A proper progression strategy not only brings the greatest long-term success, it is key in injury & relapse prevention, and provides a powerful sense of strength & confidence.

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