If all it took to be healthy and fit was good workouts or a diet -- everyone would be in great shape. The reality is, any out-of-the-box workout regimen or diet will only work for some of the people, some of the time. Not good odds.


Health and fitness requires a detailed understanding of your body, and how it changes once you go to work on it. It also helps to have a qualified professional understand the unique factors of your body & lifestyle to help set up your successful program and navigate obstacles along the way.

With Fit+Well Dynamics, workouts and nutrition plans are only part of the process. We get to know the details of your physical condition and lifestyle, carefully measure and analyze all the data of your progress, and then continually adjust your plan -- ensuring your continued success and appropriate level of challenge -- to completely support you the whole way.

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ASSESSMENT  We know you are much more than your height, weight & BMI. We get to know the details of your body composition & physical condition to customize every detail of your program. 


LIFESTYLE MINDSET  Everyone would like to "eat clean & train perfect" but each person has personal pitfalls keeping them from long-term success. Together, we resolve your pitfalls by replacing them with real, long-term, life-changing healthy habits.


NUTRITION PLAN   Food is fuel for the body and the cornerstone of great health & fitness. Our custom Nutrition Plans are constructed by certified Nutritionists to address your specific needs considering both your goals and physical needs.


FITNESS PLAN  Exercise is a science that should ensure you: 1) Are challenged to meet your goals, and 2) Follow a safe progression to avoid over-fatigue and/or injury. We design a targeted, progressive Fitness Plan for you that challenges you and keeps you safely moving forward.


PROGRESS ANALYSIS  No matter how perfect a plan you start with, it will have to continually change to be effective, as your body changes. We measure your progress regularly to determine how we should shift your program -- keeping you challenged, motivated & avoiding "plateau-ing".


PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT  We believe we should work as hard as our clients -- and we know how hard our clients work. Great coaching requires staying several steps ahead and being focused on continual improvement -- never waiting for a lack of progress to work on new solutions.