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Nutrition Counseling - Single Follow Up Session

Nutrition Counseling - Single Follow Up Session


Whether it is for progress tracking, accountability, fine-tuning, gaining deeper knowledge, or re-assessment -- clients benefit from Follow Up Sessions of Nutritional Counseling.


Follow up sessions are 30 minutes, performed in person, web meeting, or telephonically.

    • What to Expect at Your Follow Up

      Clients decide the frequency of their follow up sessions (weekly, monthly, etc.) as well as the focuses of sessions which may include:

      • Complete, medical grade body composition re-assessment
      • Detailed review of food log and nutrient intakes
      • Targeted nutrition education & tools
      • Nutrition plan adjustments
      • Emotional "trigger" examination 
      • Healthy habit forming practices
      • Positive food exchange / replacement strategies
      • New food discoveries
      • Cooking technique options
      • Dining out  / traveling strategies
      • Couples/Group sessions also available 


    • Plan Guidelines

      Purchase your Nutrition Counseling Follow Up package and contact us to schedule your sessions in the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale Arizona areas. 


      *Travel fees may apply. Valid in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area only. Please contact our advisors for Nutrition Counseling in other cities/states. Non-transferable or refundable.


      Although Nutrition Counseling and dietary intervention has been evidenced to manage and/or improve both general health and many health conditions, it is not intended to replace  medical care, nor expected to act as a cure. If you have a concerning medical condition, seek your physician's guidance regarding your specific care prior to nutrition counseling.

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