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Therapeutic Bodywork -Package of 2-5 Sessions

Therapeutic Bodywork -Package of 2-5 Sessions

$170.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price

Combining the therapeutic disciplines of: Assisted Dynamic & Static Stretching, Facial Release, Electronic Percussion, and Pressure Point Therapies -- Fit+Well Dynamics Therapeutic Bodywork can effectively:

  • Accelerate recovery 
  • Improve range of motion & flexibility
  • Relief of debilitating pain
  • Relaxation & stress release

.... for a variety of bodies -- From weightlifters and marathon runners, to sedentary medical patients and professional desk jockeys alike.

    • Body Therapy Beyond Assisted Stretching

      • FIT+WELL Therapeutic Bodywork is performed at our professional gym location in Scottsdale. On-location sessions may be available (homes, workplaces, etc.) depending on location.*
      • All programs are completely customized for each client's specific needs, goals & physicality.
      • Bodywork sessions are 60 minutes in length.
      • 30 minute Add-On Bodywork sessions available in tandem with Fitness Coaching sessions.
      • In addition to Assisted Stretching, Bodywork sessions may include: Instructed independent stretching, facial release & electronic percussion therapies, pressure point, heat/ice therapy, and range of motion exercises -- depending on specific needs.
      • Sessions are performed in comfortable clothing, and utilize padded therapy tables.
      • Therapies are applied with ranges of motion and pressure calibrated to each client's comfort.
    • What to Expect

      Each Bodywork session is customized for your body -- Designed to be an enjoyable experience, leaving you feeling regenerated. Here's what to expect:


      • An assessment of your range of motion and injury/body state discussion.
      • A walk through of your customized treatment plan, and then:
      • An assisted stretch and bodywork treatment, addressing your specific needs and calibrated to your comfort level.


      Be sure to wear comfortable clothing that is conducive to moving around in several positions, and be adequately hydrated -- Your body will be moving!

    • Package Guidelines

      Purchase your Therapeutic Bodywork package and contact us to schedule your sessions in the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale Arizona areas. 


      *Travel or gym fees may apply. Valid in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area only. Please contact our advisors for Therapeutic Bodywork in other cities/states. Non-transferable or refundable.


      Although Therapeutic Bodywork incorporates a number of implementations utilized in Physical Therapy, it is not considered to be a direct replacement. If you have a medical condition requiring Physical Therapy, seek your physician's guidance regarding your specific care.

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